Taking Chances {personal}

so the past week has been a good one for me… i love getting feed back from brides and family members saying they love their pictures! i remember when i was starting off, only a year and a half ago, and i was soo nervous to shoot people. i was just starting off and wanted my pictures to look like everyone else’s.. i mean thats all i grew up seening, it seemed like a standard.

but once i started shooting, reading, learning, i started to find my own style. its unique, its different, its me… i was tired of seeing the same thing shot over and over and oooover, you can only tilt your camera so far to get a different angle on the same brick wall everyone else shoots at. i got tired of the “standard” the same way everyone shoots. i want to keep pushing myself to create something different, im not sure how long that will take but at some point in my life ill get there.

the biggest thing i can tell anyone who is starting off in photography, if your a creative, or just tired of doing the same thing over and over again. find your inspiration, dissect that thing top to bottom, apply it to an area in your life, and watch it go to work.. get out there and take chances.. don’t be the same, make a difference and make a name for yourself. you are YOU and the only one like it, so make the best of your life and live it up!